Author: tompipes

  • Ben Eater / Dawid Buchwald Clock Module

    I’ve been so intrigued with the Ben Eater breadboard clock module. One of my desires was to build a more permanent version of this for longer term use. The design I ended up landing on was the Dawid Buchwald designed circuit board based on Ben Eaters design with some modifications. There were an extensive number […]

  • New Prototype Computer

    Technology progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards -Aldous Huxley Today I chronicle my progress in designing a new computer. My initial idea was to recreate the world of the computers I worked on in the Navy. These were the AN/UYK-7 and AN/UYK-20 computers. These computers were from the days […]

  • Hello world!

    This is my page for all things tech. It’s here to be a resource for yours and my enjoyment. Check back periodically for updates as this will be a work in progress.