Vintage Computers

It’s like I can’t get enough vintage computer! My old buddy from High School and I have awoken a monster. It started with Vintage Commodore Computers, Apple Computers, old iMacs, and has grown into old PC’s. The desire to relive the old days is as powerful as ever. With this comes a huge assortment of new electronics to help the old tech working. Serial Wifi232 modules, IDE-CF modules, SCSI-CF, IDE-USB, Gotek’s, Floppy interfaces and data acquisition tools, and other fun items. Then comes the breakig out of the old ISA and PCI cards and rediscovering them and their fun configurations with PnP vs jumpers.

Then there’s software. Old OS’s, Hardware drivers, old software. Games, running BBSs! Yes that’s a thing!

Does it ever end? Do I ever want it to end? Probably not. My friend says we’re “Purchasing our past one piece at at time!”.

What do you think? Do you suffer from the same syndrome?